Quick and easy returns

Start your returns

Reduce costs through on-demand return labels

Let your customers create return labels as needed. Costs are only incurred for return labels used.

Increase sales through a more transparent returns process

Increase your customer repeat purchase rate. Initiate refunds as soon as the return order is handed in at the drop-off point.

Convenient returns solution

Enable your customers to generate their return label with a few clicks via the Return Portal. Send proactive, fully automated status updates on the return and keep your customers up to date. Offer the best return experience for your customers and increase the re-purchase rate through a transparent returns process!

Simple integration for your returns

With the connection to our delivery platform, our solutions and services for the perfect return are directly available to you. Get access to our local carrier network and work with the best carriers for your returns! Your advantage: one contact for the entire process: Seven Senders.

Returns like the local market leaders

Offer your customers a seamless and simple returns process - no matter which country they are in. Integrate the Return Portal into your shop system and adapt it individually to your corporate design. Our returns solution is automatically available in 16 languages - so you have one solution for all countries you deliver to!

A seamless and convenient returns process

How it works

Simple log-in
The return label is created
Return confirmation and reimbursement
Track the status of the return
Return is successfully processed


Simple log-in

Your customer logs in to the Return Portal with their email address and order number.


The return label is created

The customer can print the return label directly. The overview describes the next steps in the returns process.


Return confirmation and reimbursement

The customer will receive confirmation of the return and the refund will be initiated.


Track the status of the return

With the tracking page, customers can see the status of the return from drop-off to the warehouse.


Return is successfully processed

After the return parcel has been processed in the warehouse, your customers are proactively informed about the successful return.

Benefit from the Return Portal

  • Save 63% of returns costs compared to label in a box solution*
  • Seamless and convenient return process
  • Unified return experience across all countries and carriers
  • Harness our European-wide return carrier network

*based on a 16.5% return rate and label in a box costs of 9 cents per label