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There are more than 100 delivery partners in Europe. Each of them is specialized in specific regions and services. Through our platform you will get access to all local specialists. Seven Senders feeds your parcels directly into the local networks. Thus you use each provider exactly for the region and the logistics service they are best at. Reduce shipping costs by up to 30% using the optimal carrier mix.

Everything from a single source: One partner in shipping

Control all your logistics processes centrally via our platform. Whether the selection of the right carrier, the creation of labels, returns or end-to-end tracking. With our logistics services, you can optimize everything from checkout to delivery, taking advantage of the European carrier landscape’s diversity. The result: a minimum of complexity, efficient delivery and satisfied customers. Offer an excellent and at the same time cheap parcel shipping.
Customer success story How Internetstores optimizes international shipping with our logistics services

Since Internetstores have been working with Seven Senders, customers receive their orders half a day to a day earlier than before. Cost savings in the double-digit percentage range have also been achieved. This is how Internetstores achieves efficient and cheap parcel shipping with Seven Senders.

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Customize your delivery options optimally to the service expectations of your customers. Guarantee the highest customer satisfaction through cheap parcel shipping like local shops in the respective target market and thus achieving additional sales from day one.

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