Why Seven Senders

The complete package makes us internationally competitive

Success Story

We are happiness makers across borders

We want to make every single customer journey the best for your customers. And just like on a real trip, a lot of fine-tuning is part of it. We take on this complex job for you. Whether it’s the choice of the perfect local delivery agent or the ability to deliver exactly what your customer wants, we’ll find the best solution for every one of your parcels.
We know that your customer is demanding! This applies to the whole of Europe. This requirement is our driving force. Because if your customer is happy, then so are you. That is our goal.

We create the EU of logistics

Europe is one – but each country has its own beauty and each culture its own desires. If you want to sell your goods successfully, you have to fulfil them completely. The French woman loves to pick up her parcel at the Pick-up Point, many Italians like to pay cash on delivery. These, and a thousand others, are exactly the challenges we solve – and we will not rest until we have made the best local service possible. With our Europe-wide delivery platform, we’re helping Europe grow together. Culturally, but also logistically.

We possess unique know-how

The strengths of individual local delivery services, the latest logistical innovations on the last mile, high-end technical solutions – benefit from our unique knowledge! We have brought together logisticians, IT specialists, communications experts from all over the world and give our very best in our offices in Berlin, Amsterdam and Paris to optimize our services for you – and your customers. Only when your customers are satisfied are we satisfied.

100+ connected carriers
15 connected countries
1 Platform
60 parcels per minute