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Use the Europe-wide carrier network of Seven Senders to optimize your shipping in Europe. Benefit from the strengths of all delivery services from a single source: With your logistics partner Seven Senders. Offer services precisely tailored to the needs of your customers in each respective target market. Optimize your cross-border shipping in terms of costs, speed, and delivery options. Returning parcels is also a simple matter for you: we offer you the best returns solution for every parcel from a single source.

Easy, successful entry into European markets

With the connection to our platform, our shipping solutions and services are available to you for your European end-to-end parcel delivery and international growth. Access to local carriers guarantees easy market entry and successful cross-border shipping from day one. Your big advantage, you only have one contact person for all your shipping needs: Seven Senders as your logistics partner. In this way, you benefit from all the strengths and specializations of European carriers and at the same time are extremely flexible when it comes to picking up or adjusting shipping quantities in your target markets. All this with minimal complexity in your daily processes.
Customer success story "Seven Senders makes it possible!" - With shipping in Europe

Learn from Senior Logistics Controller Dawid Zieba how Internetstores use the logistics expertise of Seven Senders to optimize cross-border shipping in each individual target market with country-specific shipping solutions and guarantee maximum flexibility.

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Use data to optimize processes

Gain insight into the performance of your entire supply chain and increase the significance of your reports through harmonized data across all carriers. Optimize your European delivery on the basis of numerous evaluation options.

Optimize data-based shipping

Ensure seamless customer communication

Stay in constant contact with your customers during shipping. Through automated notifications you increase customer satisfaction and minimize the effort of your customer support by up to 30 %.

Improve customer commmunication

FAQ European parcel delivery

Seven Senders works with a wide network of European parcel delivery service providers to offer customized cross-border shipping solutions. We work with well-established, reliable delivery providers such as DHL, DPD, Hermes, Collissimo, and national postal service providers such as PostNL, Swiss Post, Austrian Post, Royal Mail, among other premium regional carriers.

Visit our carrier network page to discover the delivery partners Seven Senders works with in each country in Europe.

Yes, you can ship parcels to the UK with Seven Senders. We provide simplified shipping and customs clearance to the UK, Switzerland, and other European countries with customs borders. Visit our customs clearance solution page for more information.

Seven Senders connects you with the best European carrier for your shipping needs by providing access to a network of 100+ last mile carriers to offer excellent, local shipping and returns as a competitive advantage. We help you create a delivery experience with the local look and feel by working with the most suitable carriers in each region, enabling you to offer the preferred delivery methods of your target markets.

Seven Senders offers a one-stop shop for creating labels for all carriers in Europe. Use our API to connect to the Seven Senders delivery platform to transfer order and label data and generate all outbound and inbound labels. With our labels solution you gain access to all European carriers for easy entry into any target market Europe-wide.

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