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With our shipping platform we offer you an easy access to international shipping in your European target market. Use our services exactly where and when you need them to optimise your processes. Benefit from our single-source solution.

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We have the perfect Europe-wide shipping solution for you. Via a standardized interface, we connect you with our delivery platform and thus with more than 100 last-mile carriers that precisely meet your requirements in the target market. You deliver fast, up to 30% cheaper and adapted to the needs and requirements of your end customers. Direct injection into the local delivery network saves you up to 35% in delivery time. Best of all, this service promise also applies to your return shipment.

Claims Center & Insurance

All your packages are insured up to 300 Euro purchase value with our insurance solution. Use our claim center for a minimum of effort and simple processing of your refunds for damaged parcels. Benefit from standardized claim forms for a simple and uniform process, a copy of the sales invoice is sufficient for the complaint.

Parcel Finder

Use our package search engine and provide your operations or customer service teams with the perfect tool to track the path and history of each shipment. Whether you have questions about the order, the shipment or the shipping status – in the Parcel Finder you will find detailed and clear information at a glance. You improve your ability to provide information to your customers and create an information basis for optimal decisions.


Create your tracking page with your own look and feel in the twinkling of an eye. During shipping, your customer only has one question to ask: When will my parcel arrive? Answer this question with a tracking page optimized for mobile devices in your shop design. Our figures show that on average 80% of customers visit the mobile tracking page. Bring your customers back to your shop and use the potential for upselling and customer retention.

Include individual widgets on your website. Whether it’s status information about shipping, information about the expected delivery time or products from your online shop: you decide how and with what you inform your customers during shipping.

Create tracking pages as well as widgets in your corporate design. Use our extensive and easy-to-use WYSIWYG editor. Thanks to this principle, you are not dependent on developer resources and can change your tracking page at any time.


Reduce customer enquiries by up to 26 %. Send fully automated notifications based on all possible pre-defined delivery events such as “First Hub Scan” or “Delivered” to proactively and automatically inform your customers about the status of deliveries.

Keep your customers up to date on delivery progress with automated status messages in email. Maintain full control over customer communications and proactively interact with your customers.

Create your status messages easily and quickly using the WYSIWYG in the Visual Editor or use our HTML Editor for absolute flexibility when creating your notifications for perfect communication in dispatch.


Use the data of our BI Engine for process analysis to stand out from the competition. With our Analytics product, you have all orders and shipments available at a glance. Make data-driven decisions in all areas by using custom dashboards and reports, for example, analyze performance by carriers’ transit times and delivery rates by zip code.

Immerse yourself in data-driven and intelligent logistics and use the possibilities of a transparent supply chain. Create your own dashboards and reports tailored to your specific challenges. Individualized monitoring and analysis of your shipping processes is thus possible.

As a rule, everything works as planned in logistics. Our system informs you exactly when irregularities occur in your processes. This means that you are informed of any problems before the customer even notices them. Define user-defined rules for automated reports in the event of unexpected events such as delays. Set up the export of shipping data to your existing BI solutions and extend your existing data to cohorts with delivery information. So you’re always in control of your shipping processes.


Integrate your ERP or warehouse management system with our delivery platform via our unified interface. Generate all outbound and inbound labels of the European carriers with one connection. Gain access to all European carrier networks for easy entry into any European target market. Benefit from reduced complexity of your processes through end-to-end management. Of course, we also provide you with our label solution for all shipments that you do not handle with Seven Senders.

Return Portal

Offer your customers a seamless and simple returns process. Integrate our returns portal into your shop in all languages and provide an easy way to return not wanted items. Your customers create the return label themselves with just a few clicks and finally hand in the return at the drop-off point. This saves you costs in the entire returns process!

The returns are sent to the national hub of the last mile carrier and are consolidated. Seven Senders handles the return transport from the last mile carrier hub directly to the shipper’s warehouse. The best thing about our simple returns solution: you increase your customers’ satisfaction by keeping them informed about the status of their returns!

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Communication Center

Manage all important information and documents such as contracts and invoices in one central location. Centralized document storage provides better insight into KPIs and enables data-driven performance measurements. The clear presentation allows easy invoice verification, download of proofs of receipt or analysis of relevant contract parameters. With our Communication Center, you never lose track.

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