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The right shipping strategy makes you successful from day one in every target market. No matter how many countries you deliver to, you connect once with our platform, use our pan-European carrier network and thus achieve the highest customer satisfaction. There are no limits to your international success. You can easily meet country-specific customer needs – grow and scale your sales.

Enforcing in existing markets

Guarantee the perfect local delivery experience by, for example, enabling your French customers to deliver to a collection point, offering cash on delivery to Italian customers, and delivering duty paid goods to Swiss customers. Take advantage of the potential of delivery tailored to local customer needs. Ensure efficient, smooth delivery and satisfied customers in every target market with the right carrier choice. Increase your sales with it. Turn loyal customers into fans and increase your repurchase rate.

Customer success story "Now we have the reins in our own hands!"

Flaconi beguiles its customers with wonderful fragrances – and with outstanding shipping. The high-turnover beauty online retailer relies on carrier management and tracking software from Seven Senders for international delivery. Learn from Mathias Trilk, Head of Operations at Flaconi, how the global player is successfully growing internationally and saving costs at the same time.

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We connect you with all carriers in Europe. So you can deploy the local specialists exactly where they are best. This leads not only to satisfied customers in your target market but also to low costs.

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