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Simplified shipping and customs clearance in Europe – including taxes, duties, and returns

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Shipping and customs clearance made easy

With Beyond Borders, shipping, customs clearance, and returns management become a simple matter. Our solution offers an easy, worry-free way to manage outbound and inbound cross-border shipments to third countries in Europe and those not part of the European customs union. And best of all, your customers won’t experience any extra costs or hassle.

Here’s how you will benefit:

Gain access to the best carriers for your local shipping

Ship to your customers in third countries from the EU within 48 hours

Communicate all-in prices: No customs & VAT duties for customers

Easy marketplace integration with Amazon, Zalando, and other major platforms

Local returns management for fast customer refunds and availability of goods in your online shop

One dashboard to keep track of all your cross-border operations

How it works

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1. Purchases are made on your online shop with an all-in price that includes VAT and taxes.

2. Data is submitted via API to our third country gateway.

3. Our algorithm helps us find the best carrier to pick up orders at your EU warehouse and arrange transport to the destination country.

4. While your goods are approaching the border, we add all necessary information for customs clearance with our AI-powered tools and take care of import and export declarations.

5. Orders are directly delivered to the local parcel hub without delays at the border and handed over to a last mile carrier.

6. Within 48 hours, end customers receive their orders with no additional duty or VAT charges.

7. Any returned orders can be sent back to a local return address to be processed.

8. We process returns and refund customers within 24 hours. Plus, items are qualified and refreshed, so they can be quickly sold again.

9. Returned goods are picked up at the return center and brought back to your central warehouse in the EU. You decide the pickup frequency.

10. We ensure paid taxes and duties for returned goods are credited back to you and goods cross the border without import duties into the EU.

11. Best of all, everyone is happy! Your customers didn’t notice their orders were shipped from abroad and you easily kept track of your cross-border shipments with real-time updates.

One solution, two expert partners

Beyond Borders reduces the complexity of shipping and customs clearance to countries outside of the EU customs union. With the right partners at your side, you get to focus on your business while we handle your customs clearance and manage your end-to-end logistics, so your customers don’t experience any extra costs or hassle.

Fast and reliable parcel delivery

Pick up at your central warehouse

Work with the best local last mile carriers

Return Portal and labels

Export customs clearance in the EU

Import customs clearance & VAT in third countries

Transparent pricing and scalable processes

Returns management with a local address

Enjoy worry-free shipping to the UK with Beyond Borders

Brexit, the UK’s exit from the European Union, has brought upon a new set of challenges and requirements for businesses involved with cross-border shipping. Beyond Borders provides an easy way for e-commerce retailers to ship and clear customs. We take care of your UK customs declarations, and within 48 hours, your customers receive their orders without any additional duty or VAT charges. We also cover your returns management, ensuring that paid taxes and duties for returned goods are credited back to you and that the goods cross the border into the EU without import duties.

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Customs regulations themselves will not change, as customs clearance will continue to be based on the value of the goods. So-called low-value goods costing less than 150 euros (around 135 pounds) will be duty-free. Our solution, Beyond Borders, can take care of this 135-pound scheme through a transit process with a broker in the UK. Additionally, we can offer high-value clearance at the border.

As Switzerland is not an EU member state, a customs declaration form is required for every product entering the country. Customs duty is paid on the basis of weights and customs tariff numbers. The country of origin where goods were manufactured is also important. Duties must be paid on products manufactured outside the EU. However, if goods were manufactured in the EU and a certificate of origin from the manufacturer can be presented to Swiss customs, no duties are due. Traders are also liable for VAT and pay this input tax at the time of import.

As of January 1, 2022, full customs declarations and checks on importation are required for all imports from the EU. For e-commerce retailers, meeting these regulations requires strict maintenance of master data relating to goods values, net weight, countries of origin, and commodity tariff numbers, as well as a 10-digit UK customs tariff number. Additionally, the UK is planning new VAT guidelines of its own, and as a result, VAT and customs registration will have to be done in the UK. Furthermore, companies must now have an EORI number (Economic Operators’ Registration and Identification number).

A third country is a country that is not a member of the European Union and therefore not part of the EU economic structures such as the internal market and customs union. When trading with a third country, companies must submit customs declarations, regardless of whether or not there is a trade agreement. The UK (including Northern Ireland) and Switzerland are two of the most important e-commerce markets belonging to the third country classification. With Beyond Borders shipping and customs clearance, Seven Senders and MS Direct provide the expert know-how necessary for successful e-commerce market entry or expansion into third countries.

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