With EUR 7.5 billion, Austria is one of the leading growth markets for e-commerce in Europe, and its inhabitants are used to ordering abroad – especially in Germany. Moreover, there are no language barriers. With our partner steuerberaten.de we have developed five tips as a guide to help you achieve business success in Austria.

According to a recent study by the Austrian trade association “Handelsverband”, spending in Austrian online retailing rose to a record level of EUR 7.5 billion in 2019. More than every second customer bought theier goods abroad, and the trend is rising. Online shops should open up this market for themselves! Especially for retailers from Germany, Austria is an ideal entry market. Decisive arguments: There are no language barriers – existing article descriptions can be used one-to-one and no additional language is required in customer service. In addition, Austria is a member state of the EU, which means that there are generally no major barriers to German shops. Profit from this market – take advantage of the opportunities and grow with it!

“In Austria especially German retailers have the advantage that there are no language barriers. In addition, the legal situation is very similar to that of Germans.”

Anna Difliff, Team Lead Logistics Partners at Seven Senders

As an integral part of the customer journey, the delivery experience is becoming increasingly important – and a top-of-the-line, customized shipping service can help your business grow. According to international studies, more than half of online customers give first- or second-highest priority to fast delivery. The focus here is on delivery that is perfectly tailored to customer needs. But: customer requirements are different in every country.

Gain a market advantage – through shipping excellence! Download our exclusive guide. Find out what you need to know about shipping and taxes for your business success:

Topics of the free guide at a glance

  • Delivery preferences of the Austrians
  • Selection of the right carrier
  • Innovations on the last mile in Austria
  • payment of VAT
  • Delivery threshold

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