Marta Adelantado Calvo joined Seven Senders in July 2019 as a junior product manager. Here you can read more about her job in the tech team.

Please describe your job at Seven Senders

As a product manager I am a kind of bridge between the development team and the rest of the teams within Seven Senders. On the one hand I work together with developers to deliver new features and updates to the tool. On the other hand I conduct user research to understand our customers’ needs.

What is your personal part in fulfilling the company goals?

Seven Senders offers not only the best ways to deliver parcels across Europe, but also additional delivery services that complement the delivery experience. I make sure that the parts of the products I am responsible for are up to the mark. I Am also in charge of delivering new ones. Together with the other Product Managers in my team, we shape the tool.

In a tech company you are working together with a lot of men. How does it feel for you as a woman?

I like my team a lot! I think the tech industry is starting to open up a little bit more to us. There are several women who work in product development and QA. For me it is very encouraging to see that more and more women are choosing the tech path as a professional career.

“We –   the other Product Managers in my team and I – we shape the tool.”

Marta Adelantado Calvo, Junior Product Manager
at Seven Senders

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