As Sales Manager at Seven Senders, Tristan Barrot is responsible for the successful entry into the French market. In our interview he describes his job in our New Markets team.

What do you like about being a Sales Manager at Seven Senders?

As a Sales Manager for New Markets, I am responsible for the development of Seven Senders on the French Market. My scope is to offer the best solution for international shippers, and to develop our brand at the best level. What I really appreciate about being a Sales Manager at Seven Senders is the offer itself. It is always promising to develop a product you believe in. I also appreciate that we communicate effectively, which is a key success factor from my perspective. Last but not least, I have the chance to be part of a high-quality team, which makes my job interesting.

What challenges do you face in your job?

It is safe to say that France is a challenging market. Therefore, it is very important from our side to build a strong relationship with our customers. The reliability of services, the responsiveness and the setting up of incentives is very appreciated by our customer base. Additionally, we also need to be flexible to match expectations. Basically it is it is important to always be up- to-date on the latest trends in the market. The more you are, the better you can perceive customer expectations and meet them. The last few months during the Corona pandemic were just as challenging. Here it was very important to show that Seven Senders in France is able to offer the right solution for its customers even in difficult and challenging times.

What is special about doing sales in a company like Seven Senders?

What I would like to highlight is the variety of solutions offered and the quality of learning we are provided with. I find very appreciable the fact that we take time to learn about our products, and how strategic and relevant they are for the market we are on. This input gets the best out of a Sales Manager.

“My scope is to offer the best solution for international shippers, and to develop our brand at the best level.”

Tristan Barrot, Sales Manager at Seven Senders

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